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About Us

Hi Folks!

   Becky and I have been full time RVers for almost a year now. We lost our home to  fire a few years ago and were drastically downsized. We lost everything and rebuilt. Soon after we sold the new home for a Travel Trailer. As tragic as it sounds, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We have learned the liberty and freedom that comes with having only what we need and having it all with us wherever we go. We are now enjoying traveling, visiting relatives around the country, and seeing and staying in wonderful campgrounds and resorts.

   One of the many things we've learned is that not all destinations have the best drinking water. That's why we have a water cooler on board and we are reaching out to RVers and folks that just need better drinking water in their kitchens. This is what this web page is about. We are offering great quality water coolers and dispensers, neat little washer-dryer machines (Becky loves hers) that 'll save you money on the road. 

We are offering other great products for your kitchen such as Home Theater Popcorn Machines.

We have other cool websites for your kitchen needs here at  http://www.firedukdeals.com/

And while camping we like to hike and backpack. So we created a GPS website with products to keep us safe at  https://www.gpsmehome.com/

Here's one for your computer needs. http://newpcdealz.info/

We hope you enjoy your visit here at RV Water Coolers and that you check back often for deals and updates. Leave your e-mail address and receive newsletter deals in your mailbox.

Thank you so much!

Don and Becky     Becky and Don